5 Most Common Problems with Suzuki 350 Outboard

The Suzuki 350 outboard is a powerhouse engine, revered for its speed, fuel efficiency, and reliability. However, even the most robust machines can encounter issues, and the 350 is no exception. So, before you hit the throttle, let’s dive into the most common Suzuki 350 outboard problems and how to tackle them:

1. Water Intake Woes:

  • Symptoms: Overheating, loss of power, engine warning lights.
  • Cause: Clogged water intake due to debris, weeds, or marine life.
  • Prevention: Regular cleaning of the water intake grill, avoiding shallow water and debris-filled areas.
  • Solution: Check and clean the intake grill, flush the cooling system, consult a mechanic if the issue persists.

2. Trimming Tribulations:

  • Symptoms: Jerky or unresponsive trim, difficulty raising or lowering the engine.
  • Cause: Faulty trim sensor, air in the trim system, worn trim motor, or incorrect propeller pitch.
  • Prevention: Regular maintenance, avoiding overloading the boat, using the correct propeller for your needs.
  • Solution: Check trim fluid level and for air bubbles, clean trim sensor connections, consult a mechanic for further diagnosis and repairs.

3. Fuel System Frustrations:

  • Symptoms: Difficulty starting, rough idling, loss of power, backfiring.
  • Cause: Clogged fuel filter, dirty injectors, water in the fuel system, or stale fuel.
  • Prevention: Use high-quality fuel, perform regular maintenance (including fuel filter changes), avoid storing the boat with fuel for extended periods.
  • Solution: Replace fuel filter, clean injectors (professionally or DIY), drain and refill fuel tank with fresh fuel, consult a mechanic for further diagnosis if needed.

4. Electrical Eruptions:

  • Symptoms: Starting problems, flickering gauges, dead battery, inoperative accessories.
  • Cause: Faulty wiring, corroded terminals, loose connections, malfunctioning electrical components.
  • Prevention: Regular inspection of wiring and connections, use of corrosion-resistant materials, proper winterization.
  • Solution: Check battery and connections, visually inspect wiring for damage, consult a qualified marine electrician for complex electrical issues.

5. Propeller Perils:

  • Symptoms: Excessive vibration, loss of power, cavitation (bubbles trailing the propeller).
  • Cause: Damaged propeller, incorrect pitch or diameter, worn hub.
  • Prevention: Inspect the propeller regularly for damage, avoid hitting underwater obstacles, use the correct propeller for your boat and typical load.
  • Solution: Repair or replace the propeller as needed, consult a mechanic or boat dealer for propeller selection advice.


  • This list is not exhaustive, and other issues can arise.
  • Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing many of these problems.
  • Consult a qualified Suzuki outboard mechanic for diagnosis and repair of any persistent issues.
  • Despite these potential hiccups, the Suzuki 350 outboard remains a powerful and reliable choice for many boaters. By being informed and proactive, you can maximize its performance and minimize your time spent tinkering on the dock.

Bonus Tip: Check online forums and communities dedicated to Suzuki outboards for specific experiences and advice from other 350 owners.

Happy boating!

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