Best Rod Holders for Pontoon Boats: Guide to Choose

Pontoon boats are fantastic for leisure cruising and relaxed fishing adventures with family and friends. Unlike traditional fishing boats, pontoons offer ample space for socializing and lounging, but sometimes lack the dedicated rod holder setup. However, fear not angler enthusiasts! Upgrading your pontoon with the right rod holders can significantly enhance your fishing experience. This guide will explore various types of rod holders suitable for pontoon boats, considering factors like functionality, ease of installation, and budget.

Understanding Your Needs

Before diving into specific options, consider your fishing style and the number of rods you typically use simultaneously. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • How many rods do you typically fish with? Pontoon boats offer more space than bass boats, so you might want to consider multiple rod holders.
  • Do you prefer trolling or casting? Different rod holders cater better to specific fishing techniques.
  • Do you plan on storing the rod holders when not in use? Removable options offer more flexibility.
  • What’s your budget? Rod holder prices vary depending on material, brand, and features.

Types of Rod Holders for Pontoon Boats

Here’s a breakdown of popular rod holder options for pontoon boats, along with their estimated price ranges:

  • Clamp-on Rod Holders ($20-$50): These are budget-friendly and a great option for occasional fishing trips. They clamp onto the pontoon’s rails, offering adjustability for rod positioning. However, they might not be as sturdy as permanent mounts and can damage rails if not secured properly.
  • Track Mounted Rod Holders ($30-$70): These mount onto pre-installed tracks on your pontoon’s deck or rails. They offer more stability and adjustability compared to clamp-on options. However, ensure your pontoon has compatible tracks or factor in the cost of installing them.
  • Flush-mount Rod Holders ($40-$100): Permanently installed into the deck or gunwales, these offer a clean look and maximum stability. They are ideal for serious anglers who plan on using multiple rods frequently. However, installation requires drilling and might not be suitable for all pontoon models.
  • Rod Holder Bases with Interchangeable Inserts ($50-$150): These offer the most versatility. The base mounts permanently to your deck or rails, while interchangeable inserts accommodate different rod types (spinning, baitcasting, etc.). This allows you to customize your setup for various fishing styles.
  • Specialty Rod Holders: For specific fishing techniques, consider specialized holders like:
    • Vertical Rod Holders ($20-$50): Ideal for trolling, these hold rods in a vertical position for efficient lure presentation.
    • Gunwale-Mounted Rod Holders ($30-$80): Great for casting, these holders position rods horizontally along the gunwale for easy access.

Additional Considerations

  • Material: Stainless steel or anodized aluminum are popular choices for their durability and resistance to saltwater corrosion. Plastic options are more affordable but might not be as long-lasting.
  • Rod Holder Angle: Some models allow for adjustability in the rod angle, allowing for customization based on your fishing technique.
  • Brand Reputation: Opt for reputable brands known for quality construction and materials.

Beyond the Rod Holders: Accessories for a Complete Setup

  • Rod Holder Extensions: Elevate your rods for better lure presentation or visibility.
  • Rod Leashes: Prevent accidental rod loss during trolling or while battling a fish.
  • Storage Solutions: Rod holders with built-in storage compartments keep spare tackle or gear within easy reach.


Choosing the best rod holders for your pontoon boat comes down to understanding your fishing needs and budget. Consider the factors mentioned above to select the most suitable option that enhances your fishing experience and keeps your prized possessions secure. With the right rod holders in place, your pontoon boat can transform into a comfortable and effective fishing platform, allowing you to spend less time managing your equipment and more time reeling in the catch!

Happy Boating!

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