5 Most Common Problems with Massey Ferguson 2607h

The Massey Ferguson 2607h is a versatile and powerful tractor, beloved by farmers for its durability and diverse capabilities. But even the most dependable machines can encounter issues. So, whether you’re considering buying a 2607h or already own one, being aware of potential problems can save you time, money, and frustration.

This article dives into the most common issues reported by Massey Ferguson 2607h owners, along with tips for prevention and troubleshooting:

1. Flywheel Damper Woes:

  • Symptoms: Complete loss of drive, unpleasant banging noise from the bell housing.
  • Cause: Worn-out flywheel damper plates, typically after 4,000-6,000 hours of use.
  • Prevention: Regular maintenance and inspections, avoiding overloading the tractor.
  • Solution: Replacement of the flywheel damper, a job best left to experienced mechanics due to the complexity involved.

2. Linkage Top Arm Troubles:

  • Symptoms: Linkage top arms slipping or breaking, especially under heavy loads or draft work.
  • Cause: Worn-out splines on the top arms and shaft.
  • Prevention: Avoiding excessive strain on the linkage, using proper weight and attachments.
  • Solution: Replacing the top arms and shaft as a unit, a more cost-effective option than individual component replacements.

3. Hydraulic Hitch Headaches:

  • Symptoms: Jerky or unresponsive hitch movements, difficulty raising or lowering implements.
  • Possible Causes: Low hydraulic fluid level, air in the system, faulty lift cylinder seals, or worn-out pump components.
  • Prevention: Regular maintenance, checking fluid levels and condition, avoiding overloading the hitch.
  • Troubleshooting: Check fluid level and for air bubbles, clean filter and connections, consult a mechanic for further diagnosis and ремонта if needed.

4. Electrical Gremlins:

  • Symptoms: Starting problems, flickering lights, dead battery, inoperative instruments or accessories.
  • Possible Causes: Faulty wiring, corroded terminals, loose connections, malfunctioning electrical components.
  • Prevention: Regular inspection of wiring and connections, use of corrosion-resistant materials, proper winterization.
  • Troubleshooting: Check battery and connections, visually inspect wiring for damage, consult a mechanic for complex electrical issues.

5. Engine hiccups:

  • Symptoms: Difficulty starting, rough idling, loss of power, excessive smoke.
  • Possible Causes: Clogged air filter, dirty fuel injectors, faulty spark plugs, worn piston rings or other internal issues.
  • Prevention: Regular maintenance (air filter changes, etc.), using clean fuel, avoiding overloading the engine.
  • Troubleshooting: Check air filter and fuel system, clean or replace spark plugs, consult a mechanic for engine diagnostics and repairs.


  • This list is not exhaustive, and other issues may arise.
  • Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing many of these problems.
  • Consult a qualified Massey Ferguson mechanic for diagnosis and repair of any persistent issues.
  • Despite these potential challenges, the Massey Ferguson 2607h remains a reliable and versatile tractor for many farmers. By being informed and proactive, you can maximize its performance and minimize downtime in the field.

Bonus Tip: Check online forums and communities dedicated to Massey Ferguson tractors for specific experiences and advice from other 2607h owners.

Happy tractoring!

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